Penn State Football: Breaking News and Links

And the hits just keep on coming…

I thought my readers  might be interested in some of the latest Penn State Football news and information, so here are some of the better links I’ve come across today:

Franco Harris fired as casino spokesman for defense of Joe Paterno

That’s what you get for sticking up for someone – fired. I hope the casino knows that this will tick off a ton of PSU fans and a ton of Steelers fans, too.

Penn State denies discussing removal of Joe Paterno statue

I did hear a rumor that some alums are considering stealing it and hiding it it until Joe’s name is cleared. Sounds good to me, let’s get really really trashed some night this weekend and steal the Joe Paterno Statue. I’m IN!

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell calls Paterno firing appropriate in light of “huge mistake”

Which just proves you can’t be on MSNBC every night AND stick by someone you consider a “friend.” With friends like Fast Eddie…

To bowl or not to bowl? And does anyone want PSU?

Will anybody pick Penn State for a bowl game – or is the PSU brand finally going to become toxic from 24/7 media blitz?

Rick Santorum: Penn State’s football team should be barred from bowl game in light of sex-abuse scandal

Thanks, Rick. Now get back out there and shore up your pathetic last-place position in the Republican primaries. Your fellow PSU alums wish you would quit telling people you went to Penn State.

2 thoughts on “Penn State Football: Breaking News and Links

  1. This is disgusting what is happening over this issue. I’m convinced this is nothing more than a corroborated effort of the White House to keep the Penn State tragedy in the forefront of the News so the American people will overlook the serious issues confronting our country today. Like a $15 Trillion debt maybe? Who do these people think they are. Moral relativism isn’t the answer. JoPa is a good and decent man and he is being destroyed.

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