Penn State Football: Breaking News and Links

Here’s a few interesting links to what’s going on with Penn State Football today. For the time-being, everything has calmed down today mainly due to the fact that there is really nothing to report and there’s really only so many ways you can spin and re-tell the same information every single minute. But God knows they’re trying hard to do so.

Rose Bowl would welcome Penn State ‘with open arms’ if it wins Big Ten title

Finally, someone with the guts to say the right thing. Thank-You, Rose Bowl. We plan on being there!

Pittsburgh mayor wants Penn State alum Franco Harris off charity board for his support of Joe Paterno

Mr. Harris is having a tough week. That’ll teach him to be stand-up guy for his coach and mentor – he got fired yesterday from his job as a spokesman for a casino. pulls commercials from Penn State games on ESPN

Oh, NO! Wait, what is “” A kid’s movie?

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