The Annual Penn State Football Blue-White Game: A Beginner’s Guide

As most of you already know, my knowledge of college football stuff has gone from zero to one-hundred over the last few years. As the father of a Penn-State football player, you might be surprised to know that we really get no “inside track” on pretty much everything.

This Saturday – April 21 – marks the annual playing of the “Blue-White” game, which is really a scrimmage of the first-team offense vs. the first-team defense.

My research has taught me that in previous years this was a small “test” to see where the team is at after their 15 NCAA allotted April practices. It’s a great way for college football fans to get a dose of what’s coming this fall, and in the past has been pretty much a “promo” for Penn State…admission and parking is free, so I would think a lot of fans who can’t afford the tickets, hotels, and parking get to experience Penn State Football – watered down – for a day.

Either way, at least 75,000 fans will be on hand this weekend to sample and devour another taste of Penn State Football. Given what has taken place during the last several months in Happy Valley, I would suspect this number might be even larger. Alabama had over 90,000 show up for a similar game a few weeks ago.

The Blue White game this year will be the Penn State Nation’s first peek at the the new coach Bill O’Brien and his staff, as well as to see what new wrinkles he has in store for the team this year. By all accounts, spring practices have been very energetic this year, and the team appears to have totally embraced the new coaches and their system.

While I won’t be blogging “live” this weekend, I will be updating my Facebook page as the weekend unfolds via my phone.

The Blue White game will be broadcast live on Saturday at 2:00 PM on the Big Ten Network.

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