Ads You’ll Never See Again…My “Bad Ad” of the Week!

Wow…another compelling reason to car-pool, or you might just be a Nazi!

I’ll never ride alone again – especially on my way to the local German Festival…to all of my L.A. readers, just picture THIS the next time you get in your car by yourself.

Although it DOES make you kind of wonder what a ride to the supermarket would be like with Adolph Hitler sitting next to you…might want to avoid the Jewish Deli’s on this ride.


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Ads You’ll Never See Again – My “Bad Ad” of The Week!

bad_ad_4While our legislatures argue about “trans fat” and eliminating toys in Happy Meals, The Guy From Erie remembers the good old days when mom gave us our own bottle of pop after dinner.

This was followed – of course – by a Martini and a cigar. I’ll have to find the pictures of that.

All of this lead to healthy teeth and a nice “burp” to end the day.

And – “pop” still tastes better coming from a glass bottle!